What it would be like to be traveling on a double-decker airplane seat

The airplane is flying through the air at a height of bases. The cabin is so quiet that you can hear your own twinkle. You’re seated on a double decker airplane seat, which means that you have the chance to look out of two windows at the same time. You’re in admiration as you see the shadows below and the sky over. You’re feeling comfortable and relaxed, because there’s enough legroom for you to stretch out and relax your legs.

Who designed it

Nunez Vicente’s created the concept with two steps that resemble ladders for people to take to get to the top floor. It’s a bit shaky however once I’m up in the air, it is large and comfortable. It also has plenty of room to stretch my legs. The seats in the prototype don’t move however, they’re put in various configuration to show the way they can recline.

Nunez Vicente’s design is a departure of an overhead compartment. Instead, he’s created an area between the bottom and top levels for passengers to store cabin baggage.

In the huge, echoed rooms of the Hamburg Messed conference center, it’s hard to imagine how it’s being so close to the ceiling of the cabin. Nunez Vicente believes there’d be around 1.5 meters between the sitting passengers from the highest point of the aircraft. The expert says that even if travelers wouldn’t be able to stand up in this space, many are already unable to stand on their feet in normal economy rows but, it’s likely that those with larger feet are likely to be squeezed even more because of the design.

The next step is to try the seat in the back. Nunez Vicente’s frustration over an insufficient legroom was the primary motivation for the design. With no seat that is on the same level directly in front to me permits me to stretch my legs. Additionally, there’s an extra foot rest to provide ease.

However, since the seats on the other levels of seats are directly above me and within my eye, it’s somewhat stifling. However, if you’re comfortable with the tightness of your seats, and you’re looking to just sleep the entire flight, it might be a good option.

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