Adobe Photoshop on the Web soon will be Free for Everybody


Adobe Photoshop will soon be available to everyone as a web-based, basic version of the photo editing software. The free version is being tested in Canada and users are able to access Photoshop via a website in the event that they are connected to an unpaid Adobe login, The Verge reports.

The stripped-down browser version of Photoshop gives an increased number of users the most popular capabilities of Photoshop. When the web version was released for subscribers at the end of October designed as a tool that allows photographers to share their work with other users so that they could make minor edits or even make annotations. Adobe has since widened its capabilities and included the ability of creating a brand new document using the internet instead of uploading one using the desktop application.

As it shifts to a no-cost option, Adobe is attempting to expand its reach by offering users of all ages access to a simpler version of its app. If everything goes according to plan it will give users the chance to see what they can do with Photoshop. However, it’s not enough to convince them to be able to fully rely on the web-based version. However, they may later upgrade to an annual subscription. Since the launch of the web application in the year before, Adobe has added several tools like the ability to refine edges curves, dodge, burn, as well as Smart Objects conversion.

The expansion of the Photoshop users is also a means of that it is available to less powerful systems, like Chromebooks. One of the biggest disadvantages of having a laptop running Chrome OS instead of the Windows operating system is absence of Adobe applications, such as Photoshop. With a web-based version users can access Photoshop on any device, which includes those millions of college students that use Chromebooks.

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